Pedicine is your medical notebook

Tracking health information from the past with dates, numbers, names is difficult and costly. You should have access to your own health information - anytime - independent of your health plan. Here's why:
  1. Average American woman sees about 20 doctors over her lifetime. That's a lot of paperwork. With Pedicine you can collect everything to one place

  2. Releasing medical information from one doctor to another is painful, you can store all your health information securely on your iPhone with Pedicine

  3. If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, Pedicine makes tracking any of your symptoms easy
By downloading Pedicine to your iPhone, you can securely start collecting, tracking and taking notes on doctor visits, health related events for yourself and your loved ones as they happen.

Track Your Family's Health

Manage your family's vaccinations

When was the last time you had your booster shot for tetanus, hepatitis or polio? Do you know most vaccines are the most effective when the right calendar is followed?

Be on top of any allergies

Do you have repeating or life-threatening allergies? Conditions come and go? With Pedicine you can stay on top of your symptoms and know what and when and easily share that.

Track symptoms or conditions

Add any health condition to your Pedicine notebook from our many templates or write your own to track migraines, infections, fevers or things that just happen.

Take notes on special events

Pedicine supports free text notes for your special events, emergencies or things you just want to track or remember ahead of time.

Picture says a thousand words

You can add any kind of pictures to your Pedicine timeline. This may be helpful to you to see how an skin or eye infection has developed or improved.

Search, share and send.

No more searching for vaccination cards or pieces of paper when you actually need them. Just check Pedicine application from your phone, perform a search and click share.

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